Happy Holidays


Happy Holidays! I hope you are enjoying a festive or peaceful holiday season. I know some enjoy the hustle and bustle of the holidays while others seek peace. My holidays are very quiet, and I enjoy the peace.

This is the season when I have time to write and indulge myself in a few hobbies. Of course, I also have plenty of work to do this time of year, but I do it on my schedule.

So far, our winter has been wet, windy and warm. The weather has not lured me outdoors for a hike, but I’m happy to have warm weather, even if it is stormy. When the weather is warm, we don’t have to worry about our water line freezing, and more importantly, we don’t have to watch the deer struggle to stay warm and finally die from exposure and starvation. Last winter was very cold, and approximately half the deer on the island died. When we returned from our vacation in March and hiked into the woods, we found deer carcasses everywhere. When it snows here, it is beautiful, but then I think about the deer, and I begin to worry about them.

We are gaining a few seconds of daylight each day again, but right now, it starts getting light at 10:00 am and dark again at 4:00 pm. Kodiak Island is in the southern part of Alaska, so we have more daylight than most of the state. I don’t mind the limited daylight, but what wears on me is even when it’s light in the middle of the day, we don’t see the sun because it is low on the horizon, and mountains surround us. I miss the sun, and I will be very happy when it returns in a few weeks.

A perfect Christmas day for me will be (weather permitting) a hike on the beach with Mike and our cats, followed by a Christmas dinner with our neighbor, Jim, and capped off by a hot-buttered rum in front of the woodstove.

Wherever you are and whatever you celebrate this time of year, I wish you joy, happiness, and peace.


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4 thoughts on “Happy Holidays

  1. Hello Robin,
    This is one of your ex-coworkers at Boogaarts Mpls. Read about your blog in the ‘ole Mpls Messenger this past week. Hope all is well on the island and look forward to reading your post’s. Tell Mike hello and hope his guiding is going good.

    Dave Perry

  2. Happy new year to you and Mike!! Sure hope your health is good again. Looking forward to seeing you next summer! Doug says some how he will get me on the float plane!! Having some trouble with my knee but with a knee brace I should be ok.sometimes it’s hell being ninety!!! love you guys!!!

  3. Hi Dave, It’s great to hear from you! Boogaarts memories flooded my brain when I read your message. Wow! That was a while ago. Thanks for saying hi!

  4. Hi Mary, Happy New Year to you, Mary and Lida! You will make it on the plane because you are AMAZING!

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